Teatrul Mic

Year: 1999 - 2000
Location: Bucharest, Constantin Mille St.
Client: Teatrul Mic Bucureşti
Area: 2,000 sqm
Budget: 150,000 Euro
Duration: 2 months


Refurbishing an old building (erected at the beginning of the last century), with a very restricted budget and under very high time pressure, in order to start the artistic performance in two months. The renovation included the performing hall, the balcony, the foyer and the semi-basement.


Complete scraping of the building; plumbing, electricity, fire extinguishing system, internal and external lighting, panel, carpet, tiles and repairs of the old marble floor in the foyer; special works on the installation system in the scene area, replacement of all the spectators' chairs, execution of the technical room at the balcony. Works were conducted under strict supervision of the city council.





Str. Maria Ghiculeasa Nr 36,
sector 2, 023762,
(+40) 0744.502.702


RO 9912027